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Polygona models

Headphones stand

Guitar pick holder

Minimalistic egg box

Ears saver with icons

Ears saver with text

Tree card

Christmas star

Toothbrush/toothpaste holder

Mug with custom text

Napkin holder with custom text

Coin bank

Remote control holder

Geometric lamp



Circular/Honeycumb pen holder


Ears saver

Phone/tablet holder with storage

Geometric napkin holder

Minimalistic pen holder

Keychain with animals

Pen holder box

Elegant pen holder

Stackable egg box

Minimalistic lamp

Cookie cutter with icons

Spiral pendant

Cookie cutter with text

OpenScad models

Created by byanewsome

Created by Jetty

Created by Jetty

Created by jweob

Created by Andreas Mueller

Created by Ziv Botzer

Created by wstein

Created by Egil Kvaleberg

Created by Robert Wallace

Created by makkuro

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