Some people ask to print
and some people print it

Dlin Dlin!
Join DDD and start making money!

We know how difficult it is to create detailed 3D printing quotes, so we have created an algorithm that analyzes files and generates accurate quotes based on each maker's parameters.

Boom! Your first quotes in a flash!

Create your profile

Creating a profile in DDD is very easy: just enter your data, those of your 3D printers, materials and settings. That's it - now you can start making your quotes!

Upload files

You can upload any Mesh file: the system will analyze it and perform a detailed slicing. You will receive your files in the blink of an eye!

Generate a quote

With the same file you can create as many quotes as you want - just save them for future use. The platform archives the files so you can share them with whoever you want, whenever you want!

A whole lab, just a click away!

Add as many 3D printers as you want. You can choose from those available in the platform or create your own.

The more data you enter, the more detailed and truthful the quote will be.

Projects in line with your requirements

The system will show your name only if you are able to print the requested item, depending on your printers and the materials available to you.

DDD will also make it possible to download a print-compliant or "auto-positioned" file to reduce the amount of supports needed.

Get noticed!

Customers will be able to leave their feedback and reviews at the end of each print. The more positive feedback you get, the more quote requests you will receive.

Doing a good job is in everyone's interest!

No costs, and higher profits

DDD has no fixed cost in this beta phase.

That means all the profit will be yours! Plus, if you help us improve by participating in some surveys, you'll be eligible for a discount to sign up for the platform when the first beta phase is over.


We have answered the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions or requests, please contact us!

I am a maker, how can I sign up?
To register, just click here. You will receive a confirmation email: follow the instructions to complete your registration!
Do I need to pay to sign up?
The service is completely free in the first phase. You can use all available features and, if you help us improve the platform, you will immediately receive a discount for future features. Worth a try, isn't it?
How can I stay updated on future developments?
Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned!
How can I earn money through the platform?
DDD is a platform where 3D makers can offer their services on-demand. In the Beta phase you can generate your own print quotes by uploading 3D files, but customers will soon be able to request quotes and commission prints at the price you specified.
Can I add any printer?
The platform is completely flexible. This means that you can add a printer from those preconfigured by the system or associate a completely customized one by entering all the necessary data.

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